31 May 2010

Kaş in Turkey

For the leg from Cyprus to Turkey we need 36 hours (2 days and 1 night) and from far at sea we can see the high mountains that form the south coast of Turkey. In Kaş we find again a very busy fishing harbour where they really need the new marina under construction to be opened next year. Every day is a coming an going of 'gülets', beautiful wooden sail/motorboats that charter along the coast with groups of 8-10 passengers for a few days. There is hardly any space for 'normal' yachts to anchor, but we are lucky and the harbourmaster helps us to moor 'Alexandra' on the quay 'mediterranean style' (drop your anchor in the middle of the harbour and come slowly backwards to have two mooring lines from the back of the boat to the quay). We can use our aluminium gangway again after so many years and that is an easy way to come from the boat to the shore.

Kaş is an charming little town with squares, crowded streets and a lot of shops and restaurants. In the evening you hear live music and it is easy to come into the Turkish atmosphere. Very close to town is an old amphitheatre in very good condition and it happens that on one of the nights there is a musical performance. Unfortunately in Turkish, so we can't completely follow the story, but the songs and costumes are good and interesting. Looking over the stage we can see the sea and the stars that are getting more bright into the night. A beautiful experience.

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