25 May 2010


The first stop in de Mediterranean is the small town of Paphos on the westside of the island of Cyprus. We just fit in the small fishing harbour and we are surprised by the amount of tourists that daily come to have a look at the boats. After all it's not too bad to sit down on one of the terraces and enjoy the fresh seafood and the colourful views. And whatever souvenir you want to take back home, you definitively can make a choice in one of the many shops along the quay. We also discover a lot of history in Paphos: the fortress in the harbour itself and the archeological site where they've found the ruins of the houses of some rich Cypriot's from about 2000 years ago. Specially the floors are reasonably well preserved and show colourful mosaics of both fantasy patterns as of pictures from the Greek mythology.

Slideshow Cyprus