16 September 2009

Rinca and Komodo

Rinca and Komodo are hilly and at the moment very dry islands, but also beautiful and sandwiched between Flores and Sumbawa. Both islands are part of the 'Komodo National Park' and famous for the very big reptiles who live there, the 'Komodo dragons'. These are world's biggest lizards that can grow over 3 meter and can weigh over 100 kg. They feed on animals as big as deer and water buffalo.

On both islands you can make a walk or longer hike under guidance of a parkranger. He knows where the big lizards mostly stay and to find the 'waterholes' are where the deer and buffalo's come to drink. We make two walks at the end of the day and beside the 'dragons' we get a good impression of the vegetation and the other animals that live in the park.

Slideshow Komodo