13 September 2009

Northwest Flores

Linggeh is a fishing village where we are welcomed very heartily. During the day some of the fishermen come along with their canoes to have a chat and to see if there is something interesting to get from the foreign yachties. Later also the children want to see the tourists on the big sailing boats. Late afternoon we go with the crew of two oher yachts to the shore and for both parties it's an interesting and pleasant happening.

Something different is the bit bigger town of Labuanbajo where we are surprised by the colourfull traditional boats that are moored in the harbour. Most yachts are anchored just outiside the harbour and we make use of the services of some local young guys that bring the tourists to town with their 'adjusted' fishingboats. On the way we are offered several souvenirs like necklaces and wooden masks.

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