4 May 2010

Port Ghalib marina complex

The first real harbour along the coast of Egypt is Port Ghalib. This is a very modern and new complex with apartments, hotels, big palm trees, restaurants, a 'souks' with souvenir shops and a marina under construction. The first super yachts are anchored already (Mediterranean style, stern to), most of them owned and operated by dive companies with all-in dive tours. After Malaysia this is the first time we have ample fresh water, so we clean Alexandra thoroughly and flush all the sand and dust away (for as long as it lasts).

We have a pleasant stay here and frequent and interesting meetings with the other yachties. We also get to know Diny and Peter van Eijk from the Netherlands, who enjoy a holiday here to meet their son and his friend on the Dutch yacht 'Pegasus' who are sailing a special trip around the world. They don't succeed to catch up together because of too strong northerlies against 'Pegasus'. See: https://www.speakersacademy.com/nl/spreker/the-green-miles/.nl

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