24 December 2009

X-mas in Sunset Valley

On Christmas Eve we have an invitation on the Sunset Valley estate where two Dutch sailers have build a lovely and characteristic resort. From the deck of their own spacious wooden bungalow we have a nice view over the paddies, the ricefields, with a deep red sunset at the end of the day. It is a party with Dutch sailors and (ex-)Dutchies that are living now on Langkawi island.

It is an evening with a lot of music starting with christmas carols and then we try to find at least one song of every province. There is ample and talentfull accompaniment: Ria on the keyboard, Carla with her squeezebox and At and Andre with several harmonica's. Most melodies sound familiar but the lyrics are not always there. At a certain moment there were even some couples dancing on the deck! There is beer and wine and snacks and sushi's as a start, followed by chicken soup, several salads and freshly baked 'baguettes'. As a desert we are offered a tropical fruit salad and home made cake, so we look back at a cosy and very Dutch evening. Thank you Ria and Andre!

See their website: www.sunsetvalleyholidayhouses.com.

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