9 November 2009

Sail Malaysia Rally

In Danga Bay near Puteri marina in the south of Malaysia we have some interesting presentations about sailing in Malaysia and exhibitions about the future developments in the state of Johore. Sometimes you get the impression of the Dubai area here: futuristic buildings for working and living: if anybody is interested in investing in a luxury appartment, you should do here and now!

In the evenings we were offered very good buffets with all kinds of local food, but the first night we were happy to have our umbrella's with us while the rain is pouring down. Happily we could place tables and chairs on the roofed veranda's, so we still could enjoy the fine food. The next evening the weather was working with us and all the dancing and performances worked out very well. Especially the finale where all the yachties were invited to join the professional dancers was a great happening together.

We join the tour in and around Johore Bahru. The Sultan Abu Bakar mosque is a fine piece of architecture build between 1892 and 1900 with a lot of detail as is the State Secretariat building with the 64-metre-high square tower overlooking the city centre. Everything you want to know about the growing and culture of pineapples you'll find in the special 'Muzium Nanas'. Then we find ourselves on the most southern tip of Malaysia and SE-Asia and we are overlooking the Johor and Singapore Straits with always a lot of boats at anchor. The new Secretariat Buildings and Administrative Center of the State Johore are planned in a new area where there is room enough to build as if all building have to be palaces. Very impressive is also the monument where you can read the history of the southern part of Malaysia.

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