21 January 2024

Our stay in Ambon

During the week more than 70 boats anchor off the fisherman's wharf in Ambon. When the diesel trucks arrive, more and more yerrycans appear on the quay, so it's waiting for your turn. Also drinking water has to be brought by yerrycan to the boats (luckily we have our own watermaker/desalinator and there is enough diesel in the tanks).

The welcome ceremony is quite a spectacle with officials of the Moluccan province, dance, music and a big BBQ annex buffet. We all got a 'Sail Bunaken' T-shirt and cap.

Public transport is done mostly by 'bemos' (small buses for 10-12 persons) and 'ojeks' (betjaks or bike taxis). There is a lot of traffic in Kota Ambon and we are stuck in a traffic jam! You can't miss the Pattimura Memorial devoted to the famous rebellion against the Dutch. The Siwa Lima museum is very informative with local and colonial history.

Friday morgning at 10 o'clock is the start of the sailrace Ambon - Bitung (on the NE tip of Sulawesi). There ia favourable wind and it must have been an impressive sight to see the whole fleet leave the Ambon harbour. The first night we have big waves from behind, but after midnight the sea settles down, there is still a following wind and with 2 knots of current with us, we fly ahead. A very pleasant sail!

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