27 June 2009

Coral Sea

After a quiet night in a bay behind the NewCal reef, we continue on Monday. Still the sea is uncomfortable due to a stiff wind of 20-25 knots. But Wednesday morning the wind is less and the sea is settling. Thursday and Friday we have two wonderfull days sailing under mainsail and reacher!

After NewCal we've met no vessels any more. Once we've had a group of 20 big dolphins around the boat and in the evening we see some birds chasing for food. Friday a group of six birds in competition for a place on top of the mast have broken down the windex vane, overboard now. The winner has kept his high position for one day and one night, no trick to chase him away and in the morning birdshit on the sails and the deck (thank you).

Due to westerly(!) winds we have to sail south of the the Lihou reefs and we decide to stop at East Diamond Island for a swim, a good meal and a quiet sleep. Still 315 nm to go to Cairns. Slideshow Coral Sea