31 May 2009

All the best Nelson, farewell New Zealand!

Today at 10.00 a.m. we have left the dock and hoisted the sails to sail to the north. Friends of the marina were on the jetty to wave us good bye and slowly we've lost sight of each other. Good appointments have been made for a regular sched via the radio and also via the eamil we hope to keep in contact.

In the Abel Tasman Bay it is calm and quiet, but after passing Separation Point and Farewell Spitt we'll expect to pick up more wind and feel the ocean swell again.

Thank you so much for hospitality, friends in Nelson, we've had a safe and pleasant stop in your marina, a good base from where we could discover a bit more of your beautiful New Zealand and meet a few more pleasant people. Till we meet again we wish you all the best!

Our course is now to Vanuatu! Slideshow Nelson 2008/09